water power generator golden tubular turbine

water power generator golden tubular turbine Our main products included: 1, Axial flow type turbine generators series 2,Turgo turbine generators series, e.g. vertical type and horizontal type. 3,Tubular turbine generators series, e.g. Bulb type and s

Water Power Generator Golden Tubular Turbine


Our main products included: 

1.Kaplan turbine generators series.
2.Turgo turbine generators series,e.g. vertical type horizontal type.
3.Tubular turbine generators series ,e.g. Bulb type and shaft extension type.
4. Francis turbine generators series.
5.Pelton turbine generators series and double turbine generators series and so on.
6.Other auxiliary equipment for hydropower station, such as generator, control panel, governor, valve, transformer, automatic electrical equipment, electricity meter, pressure tube, etc

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Product features:

1,Power station from water to water direction is basically the axial direction penetration.such as bulb turbine hydropower station of the feed water control and outlet pipe bend, simple shape, the path of circulation of hydraulic damage reduction,convenient construction .

2,Tubular turbine has high flow ability and larger specific speed, so when the head and power are under the same conditions,tubular turbine diameter is about 10% smaller than Turn to paddle

3,Hydro-power unit structure is compact,compared with the same specifications of paddle unit,Its size is small,and it can be decorated in dam body,cancel the complex diversionsystem,reduce the construction area of factory building,reduce the excavated volume and the amount of concrete,according to the relevant data analysis,construction cost can be saved 20%-30%.


4,Tubular turbine work for reversible pump turbine running, due to the in and out of the water without a sharp turn working condition of pump and the turbine can get a better hydraulic performance.Such as tidal power station can be two way with applications in power generation,pumping,drainage and other three kinds of functions.Therefore,it is suitable for comprehensive exploitation and utilization of low head hydraulic resource.

5,Hydro-power is short in construction period, and results fast generally than vertical axial-flow hydro-power station .

Product parameters:

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Product drawing:

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