Technical Support

30 Oct 2018 

Our factory has senior engineers, technicians of hydraulic engineering and machinery manufacturing specialties and certified welders certified by the state labor department. At the same time, we have a professional manufacturing and installation team with excellent technology, hardship and endurance, which has provided powerful support for the production, manufacture and installation of hydraulic turbine equipment. Ensure that we strive to create higher value for our customers.
Technical departments can independently undertake the design of single-machine 2500-500000KW Francis, impact and other units, with the current majority of models and newer models of technical information, with a relatively complete unit design process, to meet most of the technical guidance and product design enterprises.

forster hydro turbine

Our company currently has metal processing workshops, assembly workshops and riveting workshops on the manufacturing hardware of turbine equipment. The main equipments are: 1600mm to 5000mm CNC vertical lathe, 20mm to 40mm bending machine, 1000mm to 2000mm CNC floor boring machine, 500mm to 1000mm radial drilling machine, 5 to 25 ton bridge crane, all kinds of lathes, milling machines, planers, Plasma cutting machine, AC and DC welding machine. In addition, our company works closely with processing companies in other industries to collaborate on the processing of large and medium-sized workpieces, such as precision casting, metal processing of large workpieces, annealing, shot peening, zinc spraying, etc. Ensure the high quality, full process processing of the turbine unit equipment and stabilize the product quality.