Customer Service

02 Nov 2018 


1,Perfect pre-sale and after-sales service system, to provide you with one-stop services to help to solve your problems.turbine

2,we can provide you with turbines, hydro-generators, pressure regulators, turbine wheels, control panels, transformers, monitoring systems and more.

hydro turbine

3,We are a manufacturer of hydro turbine generators and started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.We can book hotels and air tickets for you in advance.


4,If you only want to buy a turbine, but you don't know much about the turbine, it doesn't matter.Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total power you need, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will propose a solution.

hydro turbine

5,We can provide OEM services to suppliers, depending on the needs of customers.


6,We have a number of professional and technical engineers, to solve technical problems and provide the working environment used in a variety of solutions for you.

water turbine

7,we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.

After-sale service:

Customer benefits are above everything else. We always put the interests of our customers above other interests, and strive to continuously improve the services in all aspects of pre-sales, sales and after-sales, and solemnly promise to our customers: implement the “three guarantees” service for the quality of our products, and the quality of our products. Conduct lifelong tracking and strive to create a good situation of multi-win. Survival in competition and development in service is the principle that we have persisted in the fierce market competition for many years. We solemnly promise: to implement the spirit of the law of product quality, to respond effectively to customer requirements and problems in the shortest time, and to solve problems in a timely and efficient manner, and strive to achieve after-sales service without worry. Ensure the stable, safe and efficient operation of the power station and achieve the goal of creating maximum value for customers.

hydro turbine generator